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Chamber Bucks

Community Gift Certificates

What is a Chamber Buck?

A certificate / check that is redeemed at a Chamber members’ business for service and / or merchandise.

More and more businesses, clubs, organizations and individuals are using Chamber Bucks. Some are given as an incentive program award, for birthdays, anniversaries and sometimes just because. Call, fax, or e-mail requests and we will have them ready for your pickup. We are ALWAYS happy to deliver if needed. It makes good “cents” to shop at a Chamber member!

Where can they be purchased?  At the New London Chamber office, 420 N. Shawano St.

How do I know where to redeem them?  Click on the following link to access the listing of Chamber member businesses that accept Chamber Bucks.  This listing is provided with every Chamber buck issued.

As a redeeming Chamber member, simply deposit the Chamber Buck like a check.  They are bar coded and will be reimbursed by our Chamber Buck Checking account.