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Ablaze Technologies

Amazing Low Prices

We need to clear stock for new inventory coming. Sheets, mattress pad protectors,pillows, night stands, headboards, dressers, chests, all on sale now! The more you buy the more you save.
Monday-Friday 9-6
Saturday 9-3

Anytime Fitness & NXT Level Ultimate Sports Complex

We are currently offering dual memberships with NXT Level Sports Complex for $110! You get access to anytime and our classes as well as access to the classes at their facility.
Anytime Classes and schedules
Move It & Lose It
M/W/F 8:15AM & 9:15AM
TH 8:30AM
NXT Level Class Schedule
Strength Training mornings 5a & 6a
Kickboxing mornings 5a & 6a Tues/Thur.
9a Saturdays.
Cardio Dance 7a Saturdays.
Bungee Fitness 8a Saturdays.
Jiu Jitsu 10a Saturdays.
Strength Training afternoons 430p Mon/Wed and 330p Fridays.
Kickboxing afternoons 430p Tues/Thurs.
Bungee Fitness 530p Mondays.

Aster Assisted Living

B.A.B.E.S. of New London

BABES of New London is  a Child Abuse Prevention program that offers respite care to families for the last 22 years.  BABES  is now in  the position of considering selling our building and closing.  We are in desperate need of operating funds as we have enough funds to get us through the beginning of May.  If BABES is to continue in operation we need on going community support not only financial but others that want to help and be ambassadors for the cause.  We would look for others to help write grants, do fundraisers and join our board of directors.  BABES is located at 102 Northridge Drive New London, WI 54961.  If you’d like to donate please drop off or mail to our address.   BABES can also be reached at 920-982-9995 or Kari Bunting 920-427-2684 Call or text.
A gofundme page has been created if you wish to make a donation.

Bean City Bar & Grill

We are hiring! We need 1-2 bartenders. Stop in and fill out an application or message us. We can’t wait to meet you.

Blossom and Bloom Greenhouse LLC

The Greenhouse is now open!

BNH Lighting, LLC

Whole home generator sales with turnkey installation provided by BNH Lighting. Generator sizing, installation, electrical, gas hookup, and maintenance all provided.
Give us a call for a free onsite quote!!

The Bottle Shop

It's back!

Child Care Resource & Referral

Community Cupboard Food Pantry

Crystal Falls Restaurant, Banquets, & Catering

Run, don’t walk! Crystal Falls’ Chicken drive-thru is open! Order at the window on the north side of the building.

doTERRA Essential Oils - The Midwest Drop

Spring cleaning is in full swing at my house! Here are 7 of my favorite essential oils to use for detoxing!
Visit to learn how you can use each one!

Drop N' Go

Camping season is upon us! Are you finding it hard to keep up on laundry and enjoy your weekends camping? Drop N’ Go has you covered, just drop your laundry off and enjoy your weekend.

City wide rummage sales are coming up!
Stop on in and we will gladly wash all your garments you wish to sell or the new ones you just obtained.
We’ve had many questions about our pricing. We are ecstatic to let you know we dropped them to suit everyone.
Using proper calculations wash, soap, fabric softener, YOUR TIME, dry, dryer sheet(‘s), we are close and many times more affordable than the laundry mat. So don’t be bamboozled by anyone, laundry mats are simply not as affordable as most think.
We would love to see you. We are open 6 days a week!

Durie Electric LLC

Don't Get Caught Off Guard Again!
Did last week's wintry weather catch you unprepared? Power outages during storms can leave us feeling helpless and unprotected. But it doesn't have to be that way!
Now is the time to consider Durie Electric's reliable home backup generator options. Don't let unpredictable weather dictate your comfort and safety. Our generators ensure that when the lights go out, you stay powered up!
With automatic transfer switches, our generators kick into action the moment the power goes down, keeping your home running smoothly. Say goodbye to worrying about food spoilage, freezing pipes, or dark, sweltering nights. Rest easy, knowing that your vital medical devices will never go offline.
Don't wait for the next storm to hit. Invest in peace of mind today. Our team is here to help you find the perfect solution to match your needs and budget.
Contact us for a FREE QUOTE so you can prepare to stay one step ahead of the weather!
Read on for more information: 
Here's a simple guide to help you choose the right home backup generator based on your needs and budget:
1. Types of Generators:
-Portable Generators: These are small, movable units that can be used to power essential appliances during short-term outages. They typically run on gasoline or propane and need to be manually started and connected to appliances via extension cords or a manual multi-circuit transfer switch installed by an electrician.
-Standby Generators: These are larger, permanent units installed outside your home or business. They're connected directly to your electrical system and automatically switch on during power outages. Standby generators are usually powered by propane and natural gas.
2. Power Output:
-Generators are rated by their wattage output. Consider the total wattage of the devices you want to power during an outage to determine the appropriate generator size.
-Consider the essentials you'll want to keep running during a power outage. This may include water & lights, appliances, heating or cooling systems, medical equipment, or home security systems. Larger appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and water heaters require more power, so make sure your generator can handle their load.
3. Fuel Source:
-Gasoline: Widely available but needs to be stored properly and can go bad over time.
-Propane: Clean-burning and can be stored indefinitely. Propane tanks are easy to refill or exchange.
-Natural Gas: Convenient if you have a natural gas line already installed. Provides an uninterrupted fuel supply during outages.
4. Installation and Safety:
-Portable generators should be placed outdoors in a well-ventilated area to prevent carbon monoxide buildup. Never operate them indoors or in enclosed spaces.
-Standby generators require professional installation by a licensed electrician. They must comply with local building codes and safety regulations to ensure proper operation.
5. Maintenance:
-Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your generator running smoothly. This includes oil changes, filter replacements, and testing the unit periodically.
-Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance tasks and schedules to maximize the lifespan of your generator.
6. Transfer Switch:
-A transfer switch is an essential component of a standby generator system. It automatically transfers power from the grid to the generator during an outage and back again when power is restored.
-Installing a transfer switch prevents backfeeding, which can be dangerous for utility workers and can damage your generator.
7. Budget Considerations:
-Portable generators are generally more affordable upfront but may require more frequent refueling and manual operation.
-Standby generators have higher initial costs due to installation expenses but offer greater convenience and reliability during prolonged outages.
By considering these factors, you can select the right generator for your needs and ensure you're prepared for power outages whenever they occur. If you have specific questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to consult with us for FREE personalized recommendations based on your family’s individual needs.

El Tequila Mexican Restaurant

We are still open with the road construction.

Events Everlasting

We have some exciting news! With the move to the new location we were not only able to expand inside the store but outside! Our parking lot has proven helpful during construction and now also provides the opportunity to offer the community a Farmers Market! 
The 2024 Farmers Markets will be on the second Sunday of the month: June 9th, July 14th, and August 11th from 11am-2pm. We will have a variety of vendors from produce to baked goods to eggs and even a few interactive vendors! Maybe even a food truck.
Please share and come support the local businesses! The more support we have this year the better possibility we have to make this a more regular staple in 2025!

Fox Communities Credit Union

Hucklberry Acres Campground

The new playset is here! Can’t wait to see the kids area continue to expand because we are not done yet!

We are looking for homemade crafters & specialty vendors (31 Gifts, Scentsy, Tupperware, Kettlecorn, Roasted peanuts, etc) for our upcoming season of events. The dates are listed below. Please email to register for these dates and for more information.

Come out on Thursday nights to Huck's Grill to find out how to win 4 Brewers Tickets for Father's Day, Sunday, June 16th. The tickets are in the Leinekugel's Barrel Yard, include vouchers for food/drinks and a parking pass! Winner will be announced on Saturday, June 8th. (You do not need to be present to win)

IQ Resource Group, Inc.

Are you looking for a job? Do you have friends who are also searching? Refer them to IQ Resource Group and let us find you both the perfect job! With our extensive network and experience in staffing, we're confident we can help you and your friends succeed. Apply now on our website and see why we're the go-to staffing agency in the industry.
Call/Text 920-982-3660
IQ Resource Group in New London is seeking temporary workers for a company in Manawa!
Getting out of school and looking for a summer job? We have one for you!
Looking for some extra cash for this upcoming holiday season? No problem, this position also goes until the end of December!
This position requires you to help assist with the packaging and production of Hot Cocoa!! YUM!
Please contact the New London office at 920-982-3660 or email us your resume at if you are interested!

May Festival

Man we are sooo grateful to all the businesses who stand behind us this year!
We have 25 small table banners and a HOLY COW amount of 69 band sponsors who sponsored so far!
We are 9 sponsors away from all bands being covered! If interested in helping us with the home stretch please get ahold of us! Tracey 920.250.3945 or Nicole 920.538.5144
We may not always need all business's services our selves personally and we try to shop evenly between the businesses! We do need services from to stay fair but we definitely mention names and share posts to get others to shop your business too!

MK Flooring

Currently Main St. is still open on our end of Main, as the Main St. Construction gets closer to us, we will have our back door entrance open.
PLEASE Watch your step when using the back entrance as the steps are a lil wonky.

Mosquito Hill Nature Center

Most Precious Blood Parish

We are joyfully hosting a middle school mission trip here in New London for many middle school aged children.  We have about 80 Students and Chaperones staying with us the week of July 8-11th at Most Precious Blood.  The students will be going out over a series of 2 days during their saty to help our local community by doing "small things with great love" according to St. Theresa of Calcutta.
The goal of the mission trip is to first serve people in the community first with tasks around the yard and home (like window washing, weeding, painting, organizing... garages, sheds etc).  We are hoping to collect more than 60 "work sites" in need of some extra hands this summer.  Each team of students will have a chaperone to help lead them in their daily assignments.  Good candidates are families or elderly community members who are looking for a little extra help this summer.  
Second tier of helping then goes to local non profits if we don't meet our goal of 60 people who need help.

New London Aquatic & Fitness Center

New London Fish & Game Club

All of this years Whopper weekend raffle winners have been contacted.

New London Girls Youth Softball Association / Amcor

HUGE round of applause and HUGE thank you to Jessica Birkholz for organizing this! Amcor Flexibles, Amcor Graphics as well as R E & D did it again! A ton of work was completed at Memorial Park yesterday. It looks great. THANK YOU! We appreciate all your time and dedication!!!

New London Parks & Recreation

Check this out!!!!
2024 summer attraction reduced price tickets.
Jet Boat Adventure–adult (children 3 years & under not permitted)
Reg: $38.43 your price: $33.00
Original Wisconsin Duck Tours – adult (ages 3 years & under-free)
Reg: $32.02 your price: $31.25
Milwaukee Zoo - adult
Reg: $20.75 your price: $14.50
Milwaukee Zoo – child (ages 2 years & under-free)
Reg: $17.75 your price: $11.50
Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park (ages 2 years & under-free)
Reg: $35.00 your price: $15.00
Noah’s Ark Waterpark - adult
Reg: $59.99 your price: $35.00
Noah’s Ark Waterpark - child (children under 36”-free)
Reg: $44.99 your price: $35.00
Pirate’s Cove Adventure Park (ages 4 years & under-free)
Reg: $11.00 your price: $8.00

Class Highlight Time...
Krafty Kids is a time to create some of the coolest art projects with us. Each week we work with a variety of different art supplies to create the most unique take home projects, This class may be messy so we recommend to have your child dress appropriately for spills.

During this class, youth find their inner Master Chef by starting out with simple snack that eventually turn into a full meal. Participants learn the importance of measuring ingredients, kitchen safety, and dinner etiquette.

New London Public Library

New London Total Fitness 24-7

Northern Belle Boutique

Exciting! We just won a Homebase Top Local Workplace Award!
Northern Belle has been compared to over 100,000 other small businesses
across the United States who use Homebase for employee scheduling. And out of all those businesses they selected us to be one of their award winners. We had no idea we were even being considered for this, but we are SO excited to have this recognition.
In this past year we were able to provide jobs to 11 local women! That might not seem like much to some, but it's a big deal for us! The money spent in our store stays in our local economy. Watching New London grow over the past couple years is exciting and we are glad to be a part of it. Keep shopping local! Its working! Take a look around at the growing local New London economy to see the evidence!
We have to mention that NB has the BEST employees! The NB team has become more like a little family than a workplace. Our store wouldn't be what it is today without them!

NXT Level Activewear

Team bundles now available! Support your favorite local team or player with our new Team Bundles. Starting at $65, get 1 hoodie and 2 t-shirts customized to your liking.

NXT Level Ultimate Sports Complex

BIG NEWS!!!! The greatest of all wrestling summer camps is coming soon!!! Join 3 time All American Eric Barnett and current LFA Lightweight Champion of the World Kegan Gennrich to take your wrestling game to the next level!!! Starting Wednesday June 26th! 8 weeks Wednesdays 6-8p and Fridays 4-6p! $350 for 8 weeks of high level training!!! All ages of wrestlers welcome!!! Message to reserve your spot now as this will fill up quickly!

Olive & Rose Boutique

We are growing are team. We are now hiring at both Appleton and New London locations.
Stop in store, send us a message or email us your resume at

We are looking for
- Social Media experience
- Customer Service friendly
- Upbeat - self motivating
- Takes initiative
- Dependable
- All of the above and more

Rawhide Youth Services

-Work at Rawhide
-Transform your career
-Change the lives of at-risk youth
View our open positions here.

State Farm Insurance - Dan Gassner Agency

If you are looking for a local insurance agency that has deep roots in the community and can give you great customer service at a great price, then give our agency a call at 920-779-0002!
Our team is dedicated to provide you with honest and professional advice to make sure you and your families are protected the way you desire! We are here to help make life go right!

Taqueria Luciano

Temporary Construction Hours
Mon Tues., Thurs., Sat., Sun. 11am-10pm
Fri. 11-3am
Saturday nights (10pm-3am) Will open for sport events, holiday, community events, or someone rents us out.
Wednesday Closed.
We are willing to open for a reservation of 10 or more. We ask for a 10 day notice.

Tri County Overhead Door

In need of a storage unit before it snows? We have a couple available!
11X30 with 10X10 door $85/ month
Blacktop driveway is fully lit with security cameras.
Located in New London.
Call the number below if you’re interested!

Water Street Vintage, LLC

Parking remains open in front of our building. Please keep supporting downtown New London businesses…we appreciate your extra efforts to get here!

Willa Jo Photography

Still on the hunt for the perfect Mother's Day gift? I got you!
Willa Jo gift certificates are available in a variety of amounts. Just click the link below to purchase your gift certificate (code) and let me know if you'd like me to email you a snazzy gift certificate for gifting purposes!

Wolf River Art League

We are offering a fantastic fundraising opportunity for the "Life on the River" Sculpture Trail! These stainless steel fish come in a variety of sizes. They are available with customized engravings. Ideas for your engraving may be family, friends, your name, loved ones(s), business, organization, etc.
This is a creative way to involve the New London, WI area in supporting our project.
See our website in the comments for details.
Sculpture Trail

Chamber Investors - do you have an announcement, advertisement, event, or just some good news to share?

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420 N. Shawano St.

New London, WI 54961

(920) 982-5822