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Workforce Innovation Grant

Rawhide Youth Services

We are thrilled to announce that Rawhide Youth Services, in partnership with Goodwill NCW and Fox Valley Technical College, have been awarded a $6.5 million grant to help individuals suffering from trauma and mental health challenges get the training, education and mental health support needed to attain and maintain employment. The grant was through Governor Tony Evers and the Workforce Innovation Grant Program.
Too many people are missing out on key opportunities to gain employment skills and technical training simply because past trauma in their life has made it hard to succeed in traditional programs. This partnership will solve that.
Thank you so much to the governor, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development for recognizing this partnership’s innovation.
This program will be transformational for these students, their families, for employers and for the entire approach to job training.
After all, #transforminglives is what we do.

Fall Fest

Wheels on Water Street

Small Business Development Center

Amazing Low Prices

Our large shipment of case goods is ready for viewing. Most of our items are either made here in Wisconsin or within the USA. We strive to bring you the best product without breaking the bank account. It really pays to shop local and small town. We appreciate everyone who has supported us throughout the years. Word of mouth is our number one way of advertising. Help us grow our page and business. Simply share this post from our Facebook page, it goes a long ways.
Monday-Friday 9-6
Saturday 9-3
Sunday 10-2
 Delivery & Haul away available 

Beauty Bar

Bennett's Home Repair

Roof, rain gutters & leaf protection. Call (920) 915-0370 and check out our Facebook page HERE.

BNH Lighting, LLC

As you know, supply chain disruptions and market conditions are making it very difficult to make energy-efficiency upgrades. To help the situation, we are offering a FOCUS ON ENERGY Market Relief Bonus which provides businesses 25% in additional incentives for equipment installed between July 4, 2022, and December2,2022. The bonus is available for energy efficient upgrade equipment purchased after July 5 for customer projects. Also, customers who work with Focus on Energy before starting their project are eligible for an additional 10% Planning Bonus.
Contact BNH Lighting at 920-779-3417 for all interior, exterior, residential and commercial lighting!

Country Visions Cooperative

Events Everlasting

We are unfortunately experiencing maintenance issues with our shop, which has forced us to temporarily close. BUT this does not mean we aren't still in business. We will remain innovative and continue to provide our services to everyone! We will be available to do pickups and deliveries of anything in our store. As a thank you for your support-we are offering free delivery to any New London address #shoplocal
Please keep an eye out for additional events and pop-up locations where we'll be setup.

If you need anything contact us: 920.250.5252
Email: or shoot us a message on Facebook.
Thank you for your continued support! We can't wait to open our doors back up for regular business!

Grand Cinema Theatres

$5 Tuesdays are back! Check out our Website or Facebook page for the latest news and showtimes! 

Coming soon to Grand Cinema Theatres, "Nope", rated R. Check out our Website or Facebook page for the latest news and showtimes!

Len Ebert & Sons

We have a 2022 Commander Max available, on hand, ready for pickup! $23,600 plus tax and registration. Call Tim or Gary or send us a message on Facebook.

Mathewson Monuments

We were so honored to be chosen to build such an amazing monument for the city of Depere and it’s veterans. Every monument we do is special, but a little extra special when it’s designed for the men and women who serve our country!! You can find this monument at the VFW Park located off of Grant Street in Depere.

Modern Flooring

New London Heritage Historical Society

New London Parks & Recreation

New London Public Library

Shamrock Heights Golf & Supper Club

Very Special THANK YOU to all that helped us clean up from the devastating storm June 15th. We would not have been able to open when we did without our Shamrock Heights family!!! Here are some pics of the disaster. The course is now all open! Come out and take a look at some of our new views!

St. Joseph Residence, Inc.

We are so very proud of the staff at St. Joseph Residence. We have been a CMS Five Star facility for four years in a row!

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