Chamber Awards Banquet
Thursday, April 12, 2018
Held annually the 2nd Thursday of April 5 to 9 p.m. Crystal Falls Banquets & Catering New London, WI

The purpose of the annual Chamber Awards banquet is to identify, honor and reinforce the activities of exceptional people whose service or performance positively contributes to the quality of life in the area served by the New London Area Chamber of Commerce.

As a chamber our goal is to continually improve our offerings for our members.  In efforts to simplify the award nomination process in hopes of increasing member participation we created an Awards Banquet subcommittee to review all of the processes associated with the Awards Banquet.  Items reviewed included the number of awards given, the definitions and criteria for each award, the nomination process, the schedule of events for the evening and award distribution.  Our decisions were based on feedback collected from members and past banquet attendees as well as current Chamber Board of Directors and Ambassadors.

The Awards Banquet subcommittee determined that our “revamp” would be a two-year process. 

Changes for 2013 included;
addition of a Beautification Award, revised definitions and criteria for each award, changing the nomination process
per the following: create a new subcommittee every year, consisting of two (2) members of the Board of Directors, two (2) members of the Ambassadors, two (2) members at large;the Executive Director will serve on the subcommittee every year.

Nomination guidelines will be as follows; nominees must either own, be employed by or be a member of a business, organization or civic club that is a member of the New London Area Chamber of Commerce in good standing; nominees must have demonstrated excellence in one or more of the individual award criteria listed.

Changes for 2014 included nomination forms being posted year round on the website giving you the opportunity to nominate people throughout the year.
  Those nominees would go to the nomination committee prior to selecting nominees.  Each nominee will be surveyed as to how they have met criteria for the award they are nominated for.  This will give you, the members voting, a better idea of each nominee’s achievements.  Please let us know if you have any other suggestions we should be considering.

The schedule of events for the evening remains the same; cocktails, dinner, entertainment and awards.  In addition, award distribution will remain the same, previous year’s award recipient will present to the current year’s recipient (the option of not presenting will be offered).

For more information call
(920) 982-5822

2017 Awards Banquet
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Chamber Awards Banquet Photos Through the Years
● April 12, 2017
Awards Banquet Recipients
Photos courtesy of Scott Bellile
● April 9, 2015
Awards Banquet Recipients
Photos courtesy of Bert Lehman
● April 10, 2014
Awards Banquet Recipients

Photos courtesy of Bert Lehman
Awards Banquet Photos
Awards Banquet video
● April 11, 2013
Awards Banquet Recipients
Awards Banquet video
● April 12, 2012
Awards Banquet Recipients
● April 14, 2011
Awards Banquet CPE insert cover
Awards Banquet CPE insert inside   
Insert / photos courtesy of Lori Schneider
April 8, 2010
Photos courtesy of Lori Schneider
April 9, 2009
April 10, 2008